Composer Ellen Mandel has written many songs to poems by e. e. cummings, Seamus Heaney, WB Yeats, Thomas Hardy and others, as well as music for over sixty plays in New York City and at regional theaters across the USA. She has given concerts of her songs in New York at the Tribeca New Music Festival, St Mark’s Church on the Bowery, and Klavierhaus; at Sirena Poetry Festival (PA), Florio Street Concerts (CA), at Ireland’s Kilkenny Arts Festival, and at the Edinborough Fringe Festival. Dizzy Gillespie called her a “wonderful musician.”

Mandel’s numerous CDs—including a wind has blown the rain away and the first of all my dreams, sung by Todd Almond, and Every Play's an Opera — are available at CD Baby and at her website: "A striking collaboration! The playful poetry of e.e. cummings set to music by New York composer Ellen Mandel..." All Things Considered "Ardent and spiky...refreshingly organic." NY Times

Sing the Song Again!

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by Michael Lydon

Sing the Song Again!

Thirty songs—pop-jazz, country, bossa novas, and calypsos – by Michael Lydon in easy-to-read lead sheet form. Lydon songs are fun to sing and play, and audiences love them. On request, Franklin Street Press will supply versions in whatever key suits a singer.

Available in the original 2011 edition. 55 pp. $20.00

Love at First Sight

Posted on: June 18th, 2015 by Michael Lydon

Love at First Sight

New from Franklin Street Press: Love at First Sight, a collection of thirty songs by Michael Lydon, including two written with Ellen Mandel and six jazz instrumentals. The songs, some brand new, some twenty years old, include poignant ballads, lively calypsos, heartfelt blues, and even a pop version of a classical song by Robert Schumann, Ich Grolle Nicht, I Don’t Complain in Lydon’s translation.

“I write songs on a hit or miss basis,” says Lydon, “seldom if ever sitting down on purpose to finish a tune by lunch. But luckily, I still get miraculous sparks of inspiration that lead, after much agony, to finished songs that I like, and more important, that audiences like”

Love at First Sight’s songs are printed in lead sheet form–melody and chord symbols–so players and singers can interpret them as they please. If a song is written in a key too high or low for a singer, buyers can write to Franklin Street Press, and we will send a copy transposed to suit the singer’s voice.

51 pp., $20

a wind has blown the rain away

Posted on: June 14th, 2015 by Michael Lydon

Nineteen passionate and reflective poems by e. e. cummings set to romantic, melodic music by Ellen Mandel.

97 pp, $20

To an Isle in the Water

Posted on: June 14th, 2015 by Michael Lydon

Five poems by William Butler Yeats, including poems beloved by generations—including “Down by the Sally Gardens” and “The Song of Wandering Aengus,” set to music by composer Ellen Mandel.

23 pp, $15