Franklin St Press is Four this Year

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016 by Michael Lydon

Suddenly Franklin Street Press is four years old, talking in full sentences and telling me, Proud Papa, what time is bedtime and she wants a story and it has to have dragons in it.

Well, I’ll indulge the little sweetheart–why? Because I love Franklin St Press. I get more fun than you can imagine seeing the list of Franklin St Press books grow longer and more varied. I published two new books by me this year, Writing and Life and Writing and Equality, and one by Minerva Rosenberg, My Friend Janey.

Sales are slowly increasing. Of course, I want more, more, more, but I’m still proud of every copy that goes out to readers near and far. I still get a kick out of creating books. In fact, making my own books has led to a small business in book design and production for other writers.

Onward to a healthy, happy, and productive 2016!!

Three Cheers for Three Years of Franklin Street Press!

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by Michael Lydon

All of a sudden Franklin Street Press is three years old and counting! Happy Birthday!

Aside from selling numerous books from our catalog, Franklin Street published one new book in 2013, Love at First Sight, a collection of thirty songs by Michael Lydon. This follows Sing the Song Again, Lydon’s first songbook, and both, of course, are available through this site.

Soon Franklin Street Press will publish a wind has blown the rain away, a book of nineteen songs by composer Ellen Mandel, all musical settings of poems by E. E. Cummings.

Lydon is also hard at work on a new book, Power Tools for Writing, that he hopes to publish later this year. Power Tools collects over a dozen essays on aspects of the art of writing–rhythm, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, and more, all of which writers can use to make their work livelier and more effective.

Franklin Street Press has also received several books by friends who have self-published their own writing. One of these, Draft Dodger’s Diary by Gil Bob, is truly excellent, a touching and funny coming of age novel about a young fellow in the Army Reserves in the 1960s as the Vietnam War was growing bigger and bigger. DDD is available at Amazon. Here at Franklin Street we cheer on all such efforts. Yes, we all want to write best-sellers published by big houses, but better to get our work out by hook or by crook than to wait around the mail box for acceptance letters that never come.

Oh, and lest we forget, The Rolling Stones Discover America, Lydon’s book on the 1969 Rolling Stones tour of America, came out as an e-book in January 2013 and as an audio book in December 2013. Both are selling well. Here’s the link to buy either or both at Amazon:″>

Three cheers, friends and colleagues! Keep writing, keep reading, and keep smiling!!


New Kindle Single ebook: The Rolling Stones Discover America

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by Michael Lydon

Amazon Kindle Singles is now distributing a brand new Franklin Street Press e-book, The Rolling Stones Discover America, Michael Lydon’s intimate report on the epic Rolling Stones’ tour across America at the end of the 1960s, a tour that came to a bloody climax at the free concert at Altamont Raceway.

Lydon spent the month of November ’69 embedded on the tour, flying from LA to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and a dozen other cities, hanging out backstage, listening on stage behind the speakers, smoking pot with the Stones in late night bull sessions. “It was the high point of my rock ‘n’ roll reporting career,” says Lydon, “one hell of a wild ride. I’m glad I never lost my notebook, kept my feet semi on the ground, and got my piece written.”

The Rolling Stones Discover America first appeared in Ramparts magazine, Lydon’s first book, Rock Folk, then was reprinted in Flashbacks, and now is off to a fast start at a Kindle single, priced attractively at $1.99.

To find The Rolling Stones Discover America go to Amazon Kindle Singles, then type in Michael Lydon and/or The Rolling Stones Discover America.

Franklin Street Press is Born

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Michael Lydon

The big news from Franklin Street Press is… Franklin Street Press!

Six months ago Michael Lydon decided to give Patrick Press, his sleepy little self-publishing company, a major shot in the arm. First he looked into e-books; that seemed a bit complicated. Then he heard that at McNally Jackson, a bookstore in Soho, a short walk from his home, they had a Rube Goldberg device called the Espresso Book Machine, which would accept a properly formatted flash drive and, click-click-click, create a gorgeous perfect-bound paperback with a four-color cover in five minutes. Two weeks after first seeing the EBM in action, Lydon had the machine make twenty copies of Now What?, Patrick Press’ second release from way back in 1993.

“The whole thing excited me tremendously,” Lydon said. “I saw that here was my chance to take Patrick Press into the whole new e-era, print-on-demand and e-books sold from my own little store on Amazon.”

Through the summer Lydon bought bar codes and ISBN numbers for the new editions of Patrick Press books. He got a “doing business as” certificate from New York City that, unfortunately, required changing the company name. “Patrick was my Dad’s name, so I changed the company to Franklin Street Press—that was the street we lived on when I was a kid.” He also prepared Real Writing, his longest self-published book, to be made into an EBM book. With  Sing the Song Again, the songbook he had recently published, Lydon realized he had three books ready for online sale. “Then I realized Franklin Street Press needed its own website. Luckily I found Niki Sebastino, an imaginative, sympathetic designer, and she and I created what you are looking at now.”

Franklin Street Press is now up and running – in time for Christmas! — and Lydon has high hopes for 2012. “Random House, Knopf, look to your laurels,” Lydon said with a laugh, “Franklin Street is catching up!”

Late Breaking News Bulletin!

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by Michael Lydon

Franklin Street Press joins the Independent Book Publishers Association, a non-profit trade group of small publishers. “I feel honored to join the community of small publishers,” said Michael Lydon, “and I know I’ll be looking to my colleagues for guidance and good ideas in the years ahead.”