Real Writing: Word Models of the Modern World

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Michael Lydon 1 Comment

Real Writing: Word Models of the Modern World

Linked essays on six great realists—Honore de Balzac, Anthony Trollope, Gorge Eliot, Theodore Dreiser, James Jones, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn—that show how the six, like blind men around the elephant, see and paint the real world, each from their own unique point of view. Patrick Press’ biggest book, first published in 2001, now available in a handsome perfect bound paperback edition.

Quotes from a recent review:

Throughout Real Writing Michael Lydon creates a solid thesis for the power of realism. Though each of six writers he examines are products of their own times, with settings and themes determined by the key concerns of the day, there is a timelessness to their themes and characters. Pain, joy, love and desire hasn’t changed a bit since Balzac’s day and the novels explored in Real Writing speak strongly to modern readers. For fans of these authors, Lydon’s charming, easy-to-read prose will provide new insights and links. For others, Real Writing will likely tempt readers to further examine the books explored within.

from The Compulsive Reader:

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Available in the 2011 Franklin Street Press perfect bound edition. 270 pp. $24.00

“Fresh and personal writing about literature—from the heart and mind.” Linda Bamber, Tufts.
“A gifted and sensitive writer; readers will find the pages almost turning themselves.” Electric Review

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