Welcome to Franklin Street Press

Michael Lydon, Author

Franklin Street Press, a New York City publishing company founded by Michael Lydon in 1990, is dedicated to publishing fine books on writing, music, and urban planning.

Through two decades Lydon has published over a dozen books through Franklin Street Press (first named Patrick Press), designing and pasting up the pages himself, then printing them as attractive chapbooks at an excellent copy center.

Lydon has now decided to move his publishing efforts into the e-age of print-on-demand, and e-books, and he has created three books - Now What?, Sing the Song Again, and Real Writing - with bar codes, ready for today's online commerce.

In the bookstore, where you'll find a wide range of books, about half on music, half on writing. Some of the books, like Bad Writing, are short, some, like Real Writing, are long, but all move at an even and friendly pace, the writing clear and down-to-earth.

Lydon plans this site as the web center of his publishing efforts, offering Franklin Street's past, current and future books for sale, with frequently updated excerpts of each book, and with news, notes, and occasional letters from the publisher. Soon many of the books in the catalog may be available as e-books. Please subscribe to our news feed to be notified when new books are added.

Thank you for stopping in at Franklin Press! Please browse the bookstore, enjoy the excerpts, leave comments, and buy a book - or two or three!